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2010-12-28 21:00:39 by Hero-Clock

First thing on the flash portal! You can check it out here!

Yeah I won

2010-08-23 21:53:27 by Hero-Clock

I feel so special! Thanks RedHarvest. This is the account where I'll be posting all of my Clock Crew movies. My other personality is Ninja Cube. Thats where I'll putting my other crap. I now have two toilets, Yay.

How 2 Win Hero-Clock

2010-08-15 08:21:54 by Hero-Clock

hello there!

Want to Win this account! - - - heres the deal:

-draw a picture of hero-clock. THATS IT! it can be funny, awesome or whatever! which ever i like best will win the account! simple!

-when you've drawn it just post a link to the picture IN THIS NEWS POST.

-if you win i will give u the password as well as the email account! how fun!

-drawings due by August 20th at midnight!


Win ME!

2010-08-14 18:50:52 by Hero-Clock

you don't know me now.


there will be more details later but one of you lucky son-s of bitches will have the chance to take over this fabulous account!

its gonna be sweet